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End of Life Care and Euthanasia Services

Ensuring a Peaceful Passing

Making the decision to let go of a beloved pet is one of the most challenging times a pet owner faces. We are here to help during this difficult time. We are dedicated to providing pets with dignity and comfort in their final moments. Our comprehensive euthanasia service allows pets to pass peacefully at home, in the place they feel safest, surrounded by loved ones. 

We have partnered with a reputable and conscientious crematory to provide cremation services for pets of all sizes. Please inquire for pricing and details.

Grey Cat
Black Dog

Disease Management

Chronic Illness, Hospice and Geriatric Care

There are many chronic illnesses that can affect our pets, some of which require frequent veterinary care. For many pets the stress of repeat car rides and office visits can be a barrier to getting the care they need. We can work with your regular veterinarian to provide follow up visits, lab work, and in-home medical care that can reduce the frequency of trips to the veterinary clinic. We also offer hospice and geriatric care in the home, to help maintain quality of life for our pets for as long as possible.

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